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In the midst of a storm

How are you holding up? When was the last time someone asked you that? Recently, everytime someone coughs or sneezes next to me, masked up or not, I'm filled with anxiety. Covid cases in Singapore have risen to over 1000, it seems like it will take a while for things to improve, but for me, it is not something I'm comfortable with. We have 2 young kids, 2 and 3 year old at home. They aren't vaccinated and I'm not so sure how kids do with Covid 19. Despite reading multiple literature that kids do much better than the elderly, I'm still filled with anxiety at the thought of them falling ill.

Thing like these keep me up at night, hence the 2AM post. When I hear my helper or husband cough, my chest tightens. But this isnt a way to live life at all. We have been robbed enough by something we can't even see.

Night alone with Jesus, what is He saying in this season? He is saying "I got you in the palms of my hand. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Give me your fear, I will exchange it for peace."

Be still, my heart, and lean on Him. Everything that is beyond my control, is within His.

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