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Greatly Blessed, Indeed

The journey of parent hood hasn't been easy. All our schedules are changed, our lives revolve around Abigail's waking and sleepings. Some nights, sleep is a priviledge, but when the morning breaks and you see her little smile, everything is worth it all. We are so honoured to be given the opportunity to steward her little life. Our rambunctious ball of fun and joy!

I started work on 5th March, after an 18-week long maternity leave and it was filled with a tinge of sadness, but also the knowledge that it was only through the work Mark and I do, that we can ensure a good future for Abigail.

We are thankful that my mother was willing to give up her job to be Abigail's main caregiver while I was at work, but the toll of having to juggle housework, Abigail as well as my the dementia my father has been suffering from, took a toll and she fell ill with a terrible flu. Being very contagious, Abigail has caught it too and it started with a burning fever of 39.4 degrees, which actioned us to rush her to the A&E department in the wee mornings yesterday. Due to the nature of the fever and the fact that she was just a 4-month old hatchling, the doctors prompted us to have her admitted to ensure she had adequate care. However, downside was there were no single rooms in the hospital at all, thus we would have shared rooms, and that itself posed another risk of catching another illness from the other patients in the shared ward.

I was having a hugely busy week transiting back into office this week, thus had to rush in and out of office and take calls mid way while helping mom to comfort Abigail, who was then intensively wailing throughout the day, refusing to eat or sleep much from the discomfort. We had to also sponge her as and when she started being warm to the touch and was told it would take 5-6 days for her to ride out the virus as there was no medicine that could be given. Just plenty of rest and milk to help her body fight the virus.

My mind was all over the place, very sad at the fact that my little baby had to suffer and I believe mom was also plagued with the guilt of transmitting the virus to her. (no one's fault indeed).

Over the last days, we were awake at 36 hour stretches, resulting me in several bouts of sleeping while driving (extremely dangerous but God was my protector) as also I experienced what it means to sleep while standing (I actually nodded off).

Abigail had to be constantly held and rocked, if not she would go off wailing and mum was trying her best effort to cradle her, despite mom herself being very ill and lack of sleep + drowsy from all the meds in her system. It was a catastrophe, if I had to use a word to describe it.

Abigail having to go through multiple tests by doctors.

Anyone who has a child will understand how difficult it is to see your baby get prodded by needles and checked out while wailing sadly.

Last night as we finally put her to sleep at 1130PM (after hours and hours of wailing), I set the alarm to 1230AM to wake her for her dose of paracetemol, however due to my fatigue, I had totally overslept and woke around 430AM, shocked and worried that she would be burning. As I reached over to her cot to look at her, she was soundly sleeping, and not warm to the touch at all. I was even able to get her to drink some milk before putting her back to bed. As she drank. I declared that the milk was the blood of Jesus coursing through her body, symbolic of her taking the Holy Communion. She had, for the last 36 hours, vehemently refused milk, so the fact that she was willing to drink and sleep soundly we re miracles by itself.

As I was feeding her, I looked at the clock. 5:12 am. 512 in certain countries represents the phrase:

"I LOVE YOU" and as I spent that moment with baby in my arms with God, I felt Him say " I love you, I love Abigail. You are precious to me" And at that moment, I was flooded with emotions. God was taking care of Abigail as much as I was. Even when I missed feeding her medicine, God was looking after her for me, all because His love was so great. I was so grateful at His mercies for us, so grateful that He got my back.

I awoke this morning at 930AM, and across me, my little baby languishing in her bed of blankets, staring at me. Fever had broken -- wow it took just a day for her to fight the virus, when doctors all warned it would be 5-7 days. She looked up at me with those little eyes, smiled and kicked vigorously. That was the little spunky baby I knew. Immediately she gobbled up her milk and look up at me as if to say thank you mummy.

I looked at what said and what was printed was "Greatly Blessed". Indeed, she is and indeed, we as parents are.

Today Abigail hasn't since measured a temperature we believe and thank God for His accelerated healing and super power antibodies He gave her. We thank God again, for He truly never fails.

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