Season of Acceleration

"Is there a Mark Anthony from the Philippines here?"

The crowd looked around to see who it was as my eyes opened wide and heart thumped with excitement. I looked at my wife Estee as she pointed at me in exhilaration. I stood up to receive a prophetic word from Shawn Bolz who also had a prophetic word for my wife back in 2014.

It was then Shawn had announced that we were expecting a baby that baby would bring me to a season where God would make me into the man he desires me to be. I know that I am to be a good father, loving husband, wonderful son and righteous person.

A significant word he mentioned that “God would accelerate what I’m projects which I'm currently doing”

By this, I believe that he was referring to the work I’m doing in the Philippines.

Prior to Kingdom Invasion (March 13th – 16th) I was going through a slow season with business. Though I still relied on God and refused to accept failure or despair as an option, I knew God always answers according to his perfect timing. Too often, we as humans want our desires fulfilled immediately, which surely brings us comfort but God makes us wait because he wants to build our character. Although things were slow and it was discouraging, Estee and I kept declaring and believing God for multiplication and favour in my business.

I went to Kingdom Invasion not expecting to hear a prophetic word, but more to soak in His presence and re-invigorate my relationship with God.

My first week back from Kingdom Invasion I checked my schedule and to my astonishment I had 14 new patients booked in! Since then my appointments booked has increased so much so that what I was seeing in a week prior to Kingdom Invasion, I was now seeing in a day! And every week there are more new patients filling up my appointment book! SO GOOD! God really works in acceleration and knows the desires of our hearts. Since last year, I’ve been wanting this and I’m thankful that by being patient and not losing hope, He’s answered with abundance.

I can relate this to a scripture that our church pastor has preached from Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours”

With this acceleration in growth I know I am being moulded for the next season where I can only rely on God to provide me the answers I need and my next steps.

In the natural, taking time off my work to stay in Singapore for Kingdom Invasion is counter-intuitive s that would mean not seeing any patients, and not getting an income. But I know as I sow my time in faith to attend what I know will refresh me and bring a new revelation into my life, God never short changes and He sees every sacrifice. And I believe that He is faithful, and when we invest in God's Kingdom, the interest we get far exceeds anything in the Earthly realm. I truly thank God for the acceleration in my work and I'm asking God for more.

Praise the Lord!