Happy Birthday to Me

I am blessed. This is the first birthday ever that I got to share the love of Jesus and minister to someone. Birthdays come and go now and not much of a huge significance to me, other than the fact I always make it a point to say an extra prayer (I think God gives you an extra wish for your birthday, humour me please!). This birthday I got to meet a lady and was able to share the testimony of my life with her, ending up with giving her a word of knowledge and saying a prayer for her. Simple birthday, but so meaningful to me because I want my life to be of purpose to God and I know He has a divine plan for Mark and I. Although we don't exactly know what it is yet, we just know to be faithful in this season, just do what we have been called to do, and God will know exactly where to find us!

What made this birthday so much more special is that Mark flew in from Manila just for 3 hours to surprise me! He brought me a cake and crashed a dinner I was having with one of my best friends! Who would have thought? He knows how to love me so well, what a beautiful man I am married to -- God really loves me. Mark has to rush off at midnight to catch his flight back for a full day work the next day! Talk about dedication. I'm thankful that God has brought me a man who loves hard, and always thinks of my happiness even before his. I'm blessed.