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The Butterfly Effect

As part of our family-moon (honeymoon with extended family of 13 people), we visited the virgin islands of Philippines -- the beautiful island of Palawan. As part of the tour, we visited a butterfly farm. Of course, the butterflies were to cater to the ladies, while the men were probably more interested in reptiles or creepy crawlies. Here's a couple of pictures of me and my amazonian woman having fun!

Anyway, I digress -- As I was walking through a Butterfly garden just minding my own business while the ladies took too many selfies and pictures, I, on impulse said (for my wife and for God to hear), “God if you love me show me a sign, let a butterfly land on me”. At the same time, I lifted my hands up hoping that any one of the butterflies would land on me.

My wife heard what I had said and chuckled, “Please darling you shouldn’t test God. He loves you already, there’s no need to for Him to prove anything to you!”

But of course, deep inside, I hungered for more. Well, God can be cheeky too, I assume, since he created me that way! Even though the butterfly didn’t land on my hand, as I put my arms down, one butterfly landed on my head and stayed for a few seconds. I realized this only when my wife excitedly shouted “Look! Look there’s one on your head! Wow, oh my gosh!!!”

I feel that deep down inside, I know my relationship with God is of a jovial kind, He's really my buddy, my father, my confidante, my King. But at that moment, He was playing the part of my best friend, being cheeky with me and allowing my to just enjoy him amazing me (even at the smallest most insignificant of requests).

I left the butterfly farm thinking to myself, God really is in the details. He didn't have to prove anything to me, He doesn't owe me anything. But yet just to see me and my wife's amazement, probably brought some joy to Him (and even more elation to us). In the good times, we praise Him, but even in times of struggle and despair, we shouldn’t lose sight of who He is. He's a good, good Father and the relationship we have with Him, is irreplacable.

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