He's the Lord over the Rain (Mark's Version)

After months of planning for a wedding, the last thing you would want was for it to rain on the day. The previous day was bright and sunny so we were all looking forward to some nice sunshine and spectacular weather.

On the day, itself when my wife started getting her make up ready around 9am, we were all shocked to see an overcast sky. My groomsmen checked their phones for the weather which all stated that it was going to drizzle and possible chance of storms.

My wife and I thought for a moment and said “No, not on this day!” and started declaring in God’s name that if he can do it before, he can do it again. Last time he stopped the rain for us was when we flew our photographer down from Philippines to Singapore. The weather forecast said that it was going to storm throughout all the weekend. We declared God's goodness over our lives and believed Him for just that one day which we planned our photoshoot to be on to have sunshine and good weather. And He did.

Again now on the crucial wedding day, we needed God to come through for us again! As the ceremony was fast approaching, we soon saw the rain clouds being pushed away. This was the second time God has moved rain clouds away just to see us smile! Even our photographer was surprised and shocked that the rainclouds diminished. Despite what our friends, wedding planner (who wanted to move our ceremony indoors) and families thought. We, #teamjesusSG declared in His mighty name to hold the clouds off. He's so faithful to us to come through again!

Even though there was a very slight drizzle (during the groomsmen photoshoot outdoors) the sun’s rays eventually broke through the clouds and God provided such wonderful, cooling weather for our ceremony.

Once again, our photographer was dumbfounded but at the same time knowing that God is so good. There is power in the word and the name. Even our non-Christian friends were surprised saying “Wow Mark, your declaration came true... Look it’s sunny!” This indeed was a huge testament of how good and almighty our God is. What man can’t control he can.