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God's Goodness Will Hunt You Down

I have been praying for a particular good friend of mine who has not been well.. he's a very precious friend, one who's walked with me through my ups and downs. It isn't the best time for him now and God has been putting it on my heart to catch up with him. Today I tried. Unfortunately he turned me down and I brushed it off. But God's love over this friend is absolutely relentless! Tonight as I was driving out to grab something, I spot him at a street junction, our eyes locked and for 10 secs, we had a conversation right at that junction!! I, in my car and he, at that crossroad (how dangerous lol 😂). Just for that 10 secs I felt so much joy, even to momentarily chat with him and remind him how much I love him and how much God has him in the palm of His hands. As I drove off, I had shivers down my spine, it was a Holy Spirit moment and I felt the Lord say He wasn't done with this particular friend yet. His love for him is so furious that he would orchestrate me to be at that junction and for my friend to be exactly there at the same time, just to use me as a mouthpiece to share God's love with him! 5 secs earlier or later and we would not have met... Even my friend not wanting to meet didn't stop God from chasing him out! I'm so so so humbled by how God works!

Psalms 34:8 "Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. I'm just so encouraged that God would use me.. and He, the God of the whole universe, cares enough to move all the pieces in place.. What furious love!

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